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Welcome to Kingdom GB Internet

Kingdom GB Internet is a premium-class supplier of global Internet and corporate services. We offer a complete range of competitively-priced solutions for all types and sizes of businesses, providing everything you will need to establish and maintain your Internet presence.

The Internet affords you a portal to the entire World, and we can guide you through every step of the way. From first registering your Domain Name with the internationally-accredited Registrars – to designing and setting-up your own custom Web site – to opening your doors to global commerce – we have the answers and will establish your Internet presence with a minimum of fuss, with as little technical jargon as possible, and with complete security and safety.

In addition to our Internet-related services, we also afford a full range of complementary company services including incorporations and Virtual Presences around the globe.

Kingdom GB Internet is a market leader you can rely upon and trust. The quality of our network infrastructure, company stability and support, and technical expertise are unparalleled.

Introduction to Our Services

Domain Name Registrations Obtaining a domain name is the first step in establishing an Internet presence. To check whether your chosen name is available, use our Domain Search Tool. In the event your chosen name is not available, we will provide you with a list of available alternative names that may be suitable. For additional information about Domain Names, their structure, and a clear explanation of how they are registered, renewed, and protected, visit our Domain Name Department.

Domain Hosting & Administration A domain name needs a "place" to reside so other Internet users can reliably find information about your organisation. Kingdom GB Internet provides space for your domain name on top-quality computer servers with lightning-speed connections to the Internet. We offer several packages to suit every need – ranging from our completely managed hosting service where we take care of every detail of hosting your domain – to client-managed hosting where we provide the framework on our computers and the client administers the domain with ease through our intuitive Web-based Control Panel. For more information about our hosting packages, please visit our Domain Hosting Department.

For clients who require the highest levels of control and security, we also manage and administer domains based on in-house servers and can provide dedicated servers for your domains. With our administration packages, there is no need to worry about hiring technicians and staff to administer your Internet presence – you can rely completely on our experts to do the job efficiently, cost-effectively, and with complete confidence. Contact our Domain Administration Department for full details.

E-commerce & Banking We offer a range of solutions for securely taking payments for your Internet sales. Using advanced technologies easily incorporated into your own Web sites, transactions are performed with ease and conveyed safely and securely to you with minimal costs. For more complex banking requirements, we are affiliated with numerous international banks and can help set-up company bank and merchant accounts in jurisdictions around the world. We have a financial solution for every need. Visit our E–commerce & Banking Department.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) We provide numerous Internet access solutions. For clients who travel frequently, our Dial-up ISP is ideal, with thousands of local telephone numbers in cities around the world. We also offer competitively-priced Broadband/DSL services in many markets.

Web Management & Design Nearly everyone using the Internet has come across poorly-designed Web pages or Web sites that don't work properly. Not only do these Web sites annoy and frustrate potential customers, but they convey the worst possible image for an organisation. Kingdom GB Internet affords a variety of solutions to ensure that your Web presence is beautifully-crafted, works properly, and effectively conveys the appropriate message and image to viewers. We offer ready-made Web pages that can be quickly adapted and incoporated onto your sites in a matter of minutes, or you can choose to have your Web pages custom-designed by our experienced team of designers. We can also manage and maintain your existing Web sites, ensure that the information contained in them is always updated and accurate and always working. For full details about our services, visit the Web Management & Design Department.

Corporate Services We offer company incorporations throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada, and numerous other jurisdictions with advantageous corporate and tax laws. Reassure your customers by establishing a local presence. We can arrange for your company to have a Virtual Presence in most cities around the world, with efficient mail receiving and forwarding from prestigious office addresses, on-demand office and conference space, and a variety of telephony solutions.

We are affiliated with top-flight international lawyers and established bankers who can assist with every aspect of your legal and fianancial presence. Together we work to afford global reach to smaller companies that was once attainable only to blue-chip multinational corporations. Visit our Corporate Services Department for more information.

Our Networks

The Kingdom GB Network operates from world-class data centres situated in Dallas, USA, Oxford, UK, and SIngapore, providing truly global coverage. We aim to ensure network availability at all times and to maintain our current track record of 99.9% up-time–– so you can always be assured that the network will be up and working for you.

Security is a paramout concern for Kingdom GB Internet and our networks and services are protected by the most advanced technologies available. All our services have the benefit of the finest technical expertise in detecting, preventing, and eliminating security risks so as to provide you with the safest possible network environment. Learn more about our Network Infrastructure and Security.




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